Our Mission

A Mission for our future –

Our mission is to accelerate green mobility and electric vehicle growth across markets, by building a robust, affordable and connected charging infrastructure industry, while also giving an unmatched customer experience.

are we

Who are we

A team of industrious, passionate individuals who combine their knowledge of electric mobility with their enthusiasm for automobiles, to create a brand that encourages communities to adopt electric vehicles as part of a greener future. In accordance with the sustainable development policies of countries around the world, we enable societies to unveil a new era of driving and fueling – one that is here to stay, one powered by eVolt.

eVolt was born out a vision of collective e-mobility, nurtured and put into action by our Founder and CEO Sarthak Shukla, whose background in electrical engineering and passion for cars served as the inspiration to build a premium, EV charging solutions brand.

Our Goal

Rising environment consciousness and spread of electrification to newer markets makes the world turn a new leaf to a clean way of how humankind moves. Going electric is new way of life, and with a greener outlook, comes the need to charge the e-mobility revolution.

With eVolt, we aspire to help individuals, businesses and governments set up electric vehicle charging points in a variety of public, commercial and domestic spaces. Our value-driven team aims to provide customisable EV charging solutions that best-fit your requirements, and using our expertise in the subject, consult and serve you at every step.


You can rely on us

Provide your customers with greener alternatives by offering an electric charger portfolio or opitmise your fleet with our wide range of smart charging solutions, through our partners.

Grow your business stress free with eVolt’s rwide range of AC and DC chargers and expertise in installation and mantainance. Make the move, go electric.

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